ID Name Runtime Info
BF Brain**** bf 1.33.7
C C gcc 8
CPP11 C++11 g++11 8
CPP14 C++14 g++14 8
CPP17 C++17 g++17 8
DART Dart dart 2.10.5
F95 Fortran gfortran 8
GO Go go 1.15.8
HASK Haskell ghc 8.10.2
JAVA11 Java 11 javac 11.0.10
JAVA15 JAVA15 javac 15.0.2
JAVA8 Java 8 javac 1.8.0
KOTLIN KOTLIN kotlinc 1.4.30, java
NASM64 NASM64 nasm 2.14, ld_x64 2.31.1
PERL PERL perl 5.28.1
PHP PHP 7 php 7.3.27
PRO Prolog swipl 8.0.2
PY2 Python 2 python 2.7.16
PY3 Python 3 python3 3.7.3
PYPY PyPy 2 pypy 7.2.0, implementing python 2.7.13
PYPY3 PyPy 3 pypy3 7.2.0, implementing python 3.6.9
RKT Racket racket 7.2
RUBY2 Ruby 2 ruby 2.5.5
RUST Rust rustc 1.47.0
SBCL Lisp sbcl 1.4.16
V8JS JavaScript v8dmoj 8.1.307.31

This is a custom version of V8 that adds six functions in order to perform I/O and aid in online judging.

  • print(...): similar to Python's print, prints all argument separated by space followed by new line.
  • flush(): flushes stdout, ensuring everything output by print()immediately shows up.
  • gets(): similar to the Ruby equivalent, returns one line of input from stdin.
  • read(bytes): read bytes bytes from stdin as an ArrayBuffer.
  • write(buffer): write a typed array, ArrayBuffer, or a view of ArrayBuffer to stdout.
  • quit(code): exits the program with code.

You can also assign to the global variable autoflush to control whether print() flushes.